Robert Carlyle discusses struggles with being compared to ‘Trainspotting’ character Begbie: “That’s not all I am”

Carlyle shot to fame after playing the thug in the 1996 Danny Boyle classic

Robert Carlyle has opened up on the struggles he faced after shooting to fame as Begbie in 1996 classic Trainspotting.

The actor reprised his role as the notoriously chaotic character in the film’s 2017 sequel.

Speaking to the Daily Record, Carlyle spoke about the issues he faced in the aftermath of the film, with fans unable to understand differences between the actor himself and his character.


“I maybe struggled against it a wee bit, kicked against it a wee bit at first,” he comments, “because you’re like, ‘Ah, that’s not all I am'”.


He does go on to show his thanks for the role, saying: “But thank God for it – it’s led to so many different things for me and people love it. It’s like, you’re in people’s psyche.

“I’m blessed to have been part of it. It seems like there’s not a week goes by that somebody doesn’t go, ‘Hey, Begbie’.”

In other Trainspotting news, author Irvine Welsh revealed last month that he’d be “massively interested” in completing the “holy trinity” with a third Trainspotting film.


Commenting on the prospect of Trainspotting 3, Carlyle jokes about the two decade wait for the sequel, saying: “It’d have to be set in a rest home, probably. Skagboys Rest Home. It might take that long but Danny might do it.”


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