Robert De Niro to work with Jonathan Demme on ‘Honeymoon With Harry’

Film script is based on unpublished Bart Baker book

Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper have signed up to feature in a new film called Honeymoon with Harry.

Also rumoured to be attached to the project is director Jonathan Demme, who won the Best Director Oscar in 1991 for The Silence Of The Lambs.

The script was written by Paul Haggis, whose previous credits include Quantum of Solace, Crash, Million Dollar Baby and Casino Royale. It was sold to New Line in 2004 and originally had Haggis set to direct, with Vince Vaughn and Jack Nicholson originally set to star.

A recent read-through of the script at De Niro’s Tribeca Productions base is thought to have piqued Demme’s interest, reports

The script is based on an unpublished novel by Bart Baker, with the storyline following a recovering alcoholic (Cooper) who relapses after the death of his wife then crosses paths with her father (De Niro).

Cooper can currently be seen in the summer blockbuster The A Team.