Robert Pattinson received ‘Twilight’ hate mail

Vampire fans were not initially happy about RPatz' casting, the actor reveals

Robert Pattinson initially received hate mail when he was first cast in Twilight, he has revealed.

The 24-year-old actor has earned legions of fans playing vampire Edward Cullen in the smash hit supernatural saga. But he has admitted that when he first got the part, certain fans of the books were not happy.

He told The Mirror: “People sent me hate mail and the internet was full of messages from Twilight fans who didn’t want me. But then the trailer came out and everything turned around. I started getting love letters and fan mail instead of hate mail.”

Pattinson continued: “I don’t understand them and I don’t know what they’re thinking. When it first started I didn’t realise I had to accept it to a certain extent, and now I embrace it more. Generally my life isn’t affected by it – I’m working nearly all the time and I don’t do things like walking through Times Square with my shirt off.”

The Twilight saga will begin its conclusion with the first half of Breaking Dawn this autumn. Pattinson can next be seen in romantic drama Water For Elephants. You can watch exclusive footage by clicking above.