Robert Pattinson reveals how ‘Harry Potter’ role stopped him from going to university

RIP, Cedric.

Robert Pattinson has revealed how his role in Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire meant that he was unable to attend university.

The actor, who played Cedric Diggory in the fourth big screen adaptation of JK Rowling’s novels, says that filming went “way over schedule” on the fantasy movie, which meant that he was unable to attend school to study for his A-Levels.

“It went so far over schedule. I couldn’t go”, he told Time Out.


“It was supposed to be four months, but it ended up being ten or 11. I’d turn up to set every day but not work for weeks at a time [because he wasn’t needed for filming].I was 17 and I was the only person who wasn’t in school. I’d just hang about.”

He also explained how he’s yet to see Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, the West End sequel which focuses on what happens when a disastrous attempt is made to resurrect Cedric Diggory from the dead.

“I haven’t yet, but I really want to”, he said.

“It is strange for me because that feels like a lifetime.”

Pattinson will next be seen on screen in ‘Good Time’, a stylised thriller which sees him playing a violent and unpredictable bank robber.


The role has already attracted Oscar buzz, with Entertainment Weekly claiming that Pattinson delivers a career-best performance.

“­Pattinson anchors Good Time, completely selling Connie from the moment he bursts into the frame and delivering the best performance of his career”, the review stated.

It is set for release in UK cinemas on Friday November 17.