‘Rocketman’ star Taron Egerton talks “electric” experience of filming sex scene with Richard Madden

"We wanted to play it like two guys in their early 20s who are falling in love."

Rocketman star Taron Egerton has said one of the film’s key sex scenes will be “electric”, amid fears the explicit content could be cut out.

The film, which details Elton John’s formative years, will feature a scene seeing the icon sleeping with manager John Reid.

While director Dexter Fletcher has previously denied reports the scene could be cut by Paramount, Egerton has now confirmed fans will definitely see the moment in question.

“The rawness of that experience, the fear of that experience, but also the joy of the experience of Elton’s first kiss… it’s electric, it’s exciting, your stomach is doing somersaults,” he explained to Attitude.

When it came to filming the scene, Egerton says that he and Richard Madden, who portrays Reid, were keen to play it as “beautiful”.

Egerton said: “We didn’t want to play like they were a couple who were eventually going to fall apart. We wanted to play it like two guys in their early 20s who are falling in love and who are incredibly sexually attracted to each other.”

Egerton also recently said he “understands” why gay actors might feel like they are better suited for the role.

He explained: “It’s easy for me to sit here as a white, heterosexual man and say I should be able to play a part I want. But I completely understand why a gay actor would feel that this is an opportunity for which they would be better suited.”

Rocketman is set for release on May 31 and will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.