Roger Waters take shots at Bob Dylan for Frank Sinatra cover album

The Pink Floyd co-founder has a bone to pick with Dylan's latest release.

In a new interview, alongside lambasting President Donald Trump, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has taken shots at Bob Dylan concerning the nature of his recent album releases.

Talking to Billboard about his new solo album, the first in 25 years, called ‘Is This The Life We Really Want?’ the former Pink Floyd frontman went after Bob Dylan during the long-form interview.

Speaking about the recurring theme of war across Waters’ collected discography, the singer-songwriter said, digging at Dylan, “I haven’t got time to do an album of Frank Sinatra covers.”

Waters expanded, saying; “Bob Dylan, for instance, which is weird. You go, “Fuck me Bob, what is wrong with you? Why would you do that?” I guess it’s because he can’t bear the thought of not being on the road and he couldn’t think of anything else to do. I can’t believe he really has an affinity for all that schlock. But maybe he does.”

Waters is referring to Dylan’s recent releases which consist primarily of covers of classic American songs, including Frank Sinatra cuts.

Listen Dylan’s version of ‘My One and Only Love’ below

In a recent tour rehearsal, Waters showed off some visuals for the performances of his forthcoming ‘Us + Them’ tour that featured doctored images of President Trump in bright, Warhol-like colours depicting him with lipstick, with breasts, with a Klan hood and without pants (showing a tiny penis).

Waters will release ‘Is This The Life We Really Want?’ on June 2