‘Roma’ director Alfonso Cuarón decided “not to share the script with anybody”

...but a few snippets of the script were shared with the actors during filming.

It has been revealed that Roma director Alfonso Cuarón decided “not to share the script with anybody” ahead of production.

The film, released just before Christmas on Netflix, details the story of a young maid’s life in Mexico City in the early ‘70s. It stars Yalitza Aparicio as main character Sophia and was directed by Gravity filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón Orozco.

Roma’s Production Designer, Eugenio Caballero, revealed director’s unorthodox approach during a talk at BAFTA’s headquarters this weekend.


“The method [of filmmaking] that he chose was to not to share the script… with anybody,” he  said Caballero. “He said he didn’t want us to make decisions based on the story, but instead to talk about subjects in a socio-political context, or the destruction of the family – the moment when a family changes. These ideas are what he really wanted to point out.”

Netflix‘s Roma won BAFTAs for Best Film, Film Not In The English Language and Director this weekend.

Caballero went on to explain: “[Cuarón] always said that he wanted to honour time and place, so we went to the real locations where the events happened. We also looked towards family photos, those that are never published because they’re not iconic, but within them we found great details [for the film].”

Alfonso Cuarón’s previous works include Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Children of Men and Gravity. As far as we’re aware, none of these productions were subject to the same kind of auteurism.

Aside from being a great movie in its own right, Roma is the first Netflix production to ever receive a nomination for Best Film – BAFTA or Oscar.


Last week, an  album entitled ‘Music Inspired by the Film Roma’ was released. Beck covers Colourbox track ‘Tarantula’ with the help of Feist, Billie Eilish offers an electronic cut of When I Was Older’ while Cuarón’s 15 year-old daughter Bu Cuarón also appears on the album.

Roma is nominated for Best Picture at this month’s Oscars. Yalitza Aparicio is also nominated for Best Actress while Marina de Tavira received a nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Alfonso Cuarón Orozco is also nominated for best director.

The ceremony will take place at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday, February 24. All the action kicks off at 5pm PT (1am GMT).