Ron Howard adapting Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’

Akiva Goldsman is on scripting duties for mammoth project

Director Ron Howard has talked about trying to adapt Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower series for the big screen.

A notoriously difficult subject matter to adapt, filmmakers have been attempting to tackle the horror writer’s series for many years.

Howard confirmed his involvement in the project in September. Now reports that the Frost/Nixon director is taking a unique approach to filming King‘s complex series.

Howard‘s adaptation is reportedly set to take the form of three movies, with an additional two television series airing between the films. Akiva Goldsman is on scripting duties, but Howard hasn’t confirmed what he’ll direct beyond the initial movie.

“Filmically, there are tones in this that I’ve never used before,” he said. “Tones of fantasy menace and elements of horror and real fear. And there’s the burden, on the characters, of this journey that’s really palpable. That’s what we need to get on the screen.”

He added: “I think there’s something about The Green Mile or The Shawshank Redemption, the complexity and the ballast of them, those are two [King adaptations] where you do get the horror and suspense that’s there on the page.”

Howard went to to talking about the cross-media approach to the project, adding: “It’s different to anything I’ve ever done and in really interesting ways. There’s this entire world and all of these references and there are the books and the graphic novels. Just talking to Stephen and it’s all this ongoing conversation with the material – it’s really exciting.”