Rose McGowan hits out at Justin Timberlake for supporting Time’s Up

The musician/actor recently worked with Woody Allen on his latest film, 'Wonder Wheel'

Rose McGowan has hit out at Justin Timberlake for supporting Time’s Up without denouncing his work with Woody Allen.

The actor was one of the first stars to speak out against Harvey Weinstein last year, alleging that he raped her in 1997. Weinstein has denied all allegations.

Speaking on The View, McGowan criticised the musician/actor for what she described as “fake” support of the initiative. After she suggested Time’s Up was started by four CAA agents who “needed good PR”, she discussed her feelings on the movement.

“There’s Justin Timberlake hashtagging, ‘My wife looks hot tonight hashtag Time’s Up, hashtag I just did a movie with Woody Allen,'” she said. “So come on, it is fake. I wish everybody was good. I’m sorry to puncture your heroes, but sometimes these heroes need to be better.”

Timberlake starred alongside Kate Winslet in Allen’s latest movie, Wonder Wheel, which was released last year.

Over 300 women in the entertainment industry launched Time’s Up on New Year’s Day 2018, with the aim of combatting systemic sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Backed by the likes of Natalie Portman, Emma Stone and Reese Witherspoon, the initiative includes a $13m legal defense fund to help those in less privileged positions protect themselves from assault and the legal ramifications of reporting it.