RuPaul becomes first drag icon to get a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

"This is absolutely the most important moment in my professional career"

RuPaul has become the first drag queen to be honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The drag icon – best known for his show RuPaul’s Drag Race – had his career and cultural impact recognised at an unveiling presented by Jane Fonda on Friday (March 16).

The star said he was “overcome with so much emotion” at the event, adding: “This is absolutely the most important moment in my professional career.”


“As a kid we’d come up here to Hollywood Boulevard,” RuPaul continued. “I’d look at all the stars and dream that one day, I could be one of the stars on Hollywood Boulevard.”

Watch footage of RuPaul at the unveiling below:

Recently, RuPaul was forced to apologise after he faced a backlash for his comments about transgender drag artists.

The 57-year-old LGBT icon was condemned after he was asked if he would accept contestants who had transitioned.


“Probably not. You can identify as a woman and say you’re transitioning, but it changes once you start changing your body,” he told The Guardian.

He added: “It takes on a different thing; it changes the whole concept of what we’re doing. We’ve had some girls who’ve had some injections in the face and maybe a little bit in the butt here and there, but they haven’t transitioned.”

RuPaul later apologised on Twitter – describing the trans community as “heroes”. “Each morning I pray to set aside everything I THINK I know, so I may have an open mind and a new experience,” he said.

“I understand and regret the hurt I have caused. The trans community are heroes of our shared LGBTQ movement. You are my teachers.”

“In the 10 years we’ve been casting Drag Race, the only thing we’ve ever screened for is charisma uniqueness nerve and talent. And that will never change.”

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