Russell Brand deported from Japan due to criminal past

Comedian/actor removed from the country over past charges

Russell Brand has been deported from Japan over controversy surrounding his criminal past.

The actor and comedian had attempted to enter the country over the weekend but was denied entry. He had flown in with wife Katy Perry, who was traveling there for her California Dreams tour.

Brand was held by immigration officials being marched to a private room at Tokyo‘s Narita Airport, where he was told he would be forced out, according to The Sun.

Writing on his feed at, Brand made light of the situation, writing: “Planning to escape Japanese custody. It’s bloody hard to dig a tunnel with a chopstick. Stockholm syndrome kicking in. Just asked my guard out for (vegetarian) sushi. He giggled.”

Writing on, Brand‘s popstar wife wrote: “So… my husband just got deported from Japan. I am so. Sad. I brought him all this way to show him my favorite place.”

It is not yet clear whether the deportation is connected to his 2001 arrest for indecent exposure or for past drug offences.