Cyber Monday is your last shot at this Samsung Galaxy S8 price-slash

Cheap as chips

Earlier in the week, Amazon dropped the price of 2016’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to just £369.99. That incredible deal is no longer available, but if you’re in the market for a much newer Android phone – or you want to finally make the switch away from Apple’s iPhone – there are plenty of great deals on the award-winning Samsung Galaxy S8 this Cyber Monday (November 27).

Over at Amazon, you can buy the best-selling phone SIM-free for just £514.49 via a highly-rated third-party seller called Stars Com UK. With the phone’s original SIM-free price at £689, that’s a saving of £174.51 – a huge 25% off.

If you’re not sure about buying through a third-party seller, also have a very decent deal on the SIM-free S8. You can buy it at their store for just £569. Compared to the normal price, that’s a saving of £120 – 17.4% off.

Advertisement have brought out a new deal on the S8 that might be even more cost-effective. Using the code BLACKFRI50 at the below link, you can pick up the S8 with unlimited texts and minutes, 6GB of data, and your handset free upfront, for just £27 per month. Over two years you’d be paying a total of £648 – in total that’s £41 cheaper than the phone’s SIM-free RRP – making the offer an absolute steal.

If you’re after more data, you can get the same phone for slightly more money. Using the code DEALENVY10, you’ll pay just £25 upfront on the handset, and then for a contract of 24 months you’ll pay £29 per month on O2. With this contract you get an enormous 12GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts – so for two years, you’ll get all the 4G usage you could possibly want.

With this deal, over two years you’ll be paying a total of £721 – that’s only slightly more than the handset’s price of £689, but with 24 months of 4G, calls and texts included.

To put these deals in perspective, most Galaxy deals right now are upwards of £37 – Vodafone’s standard 16GB data provision costs £48 per month – so these deals are up there with the best of Cyber Monday’s bargains this year so far.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has been named phone of the year by Trusted Reviews and by the EE Pocket-lint Gadget Awards, praised for its design, Snapdragon 835 processor, and its quad-HD infinity display. For more info check out Trusted Reviews‘ 5/5 review here.

Elsewhere in Cyber Monday news, Converse are currently half price on eBay store Apparelicks.


Meanwhile, Amazon are also offering an amazing bundle deal on last year’s Xbox One console: they’re offering the Xbox One S with Middle Earth: Shadow of War and FIFA 18 for £199.99. That overall price is a saving of almost £50, or 20%.

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