With this ludicrous Samsung Galaxy S9 deal you’ll pay just £3 for 24 months of network access

..as you'll see with some quick maths

As the tide continues to shift against the iPhone towards Android, a ludicrously tempting deal on the Samsung Galaxy S9 has just come along. The phone’s only been out for a month, but if you buy it SIM-free right now, you’ll pay just £3 for 24 months of network charges. That’s right: for the price of a large latte you’ll get 4GB of monthly data and unlimited texts and calls for two whole years, in this deal from Mobiles.co.uk.

Ok, so let’s break the costs down. If you bought the handset SIM-free in a shop, you’d pay £739. With this deal, you’ll pay £190 upfront for the handset, plus £23 per month on the contract, which totals £552 across the 24 months. The cost over two years (£190 upfront + £552 contract) would therefore be £742 – just £3 more than it costs to buy the £739 handset. It’s a total bargain.

It sounds like a trick – maybe the phone is pants, you might think – but no, that’s not true: in its review earlier this month Trusted Reviews wrote: “there’s no other Android phone of this size that can do this much.” They also call it “one of the most coveted smartphones of 2018 so far”.

We’ll continue to highlight mad deals as and when they come in – watch this space.