Sandra Bullock: ‘I didn’t want to do ‘Blind Side’

Actress says she initially turned down the role that won her an Oscar

Sandra Bullock has said she repeatedly refused to appear in The Blind Side.

Her eventual portrayal of mother-of-two Leigh Anne Tuohy won her an Oscar.

“This is the film I said no to,” she told PA. If I had thought this was going to be my golden ticket… It just was such odd circumstances and things came together in a way that I just didn’t see coming… that’s what makes it so overwhelming and unexpected.”

The film tells the true story of a devout Christian who takes a homeless student Michael Oher (Aaron Quinton) under her wing. He goes on to become an American Football star in the NFL.


The 45 year-old actress also revealed she requested director John Lee Hancock ask the real-life Leigh Anne about her fashion style.

She added: “Everything I wore was what she wears, every designer label, and every make-up item was from her palette. Her watch was her watch, her night-gown was hers. I remember asking John to email Leigh Anne to ask her about her night-gown and he sighed because he knew what the reply was going to be – ‘Y’all need to get a life’.”

The Blind Side is released in the UK tomorrow (March 26).

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