‘Saved By The Bell’ is back – but there’s a twist

The new, musical version of the hit 90s show is coming to the UK in March

Saved By The Bell fans, rejoice – the iconic 90s TV show is back, only this time it’s in musical form.

The nostalgic, high-school-set show is set to return under the name Bayside, and will make its UK debut from March 9 – 17  at The Other Palace – book your tickets here.

All the old characters are set to return, with Zac and Kelly, Screech and Lisa, Slater and Jesse, and Principle Belding being given new life on stage. Bob and Tobly McSmith, creators of Friends! The Musical Parody, have written the show, which is currently showing off Broadway.


Producer Michael Neri says of the return: “Nostalgia of the ’80s seems to be a trend at the moment with so many reboots and one-off reunions on our TV screens, so being able to present Bayside in a musical format is a wonderful way of remembering what once was.”

He added: “The show was written to simply entertain its audience. We only want our audience to come away laughing and having been entertained by the writing, music and talent on stage.

“I’m personally elated to be premiering the show at The Other Palace, a theatre which prides itself on nurturing new work.”

Back in 2016, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack Morris, apologised for a ‘racist’ episode of Saved By The Bell

“He gives a – I’m doing this in air quotes – ‘presentation’ that consists of putting war paint on Screech (Dustin Diamond) and giving him a toy tomahawk,” Gosselaar told Entertainment Weekly. “He has Screech stagger around and grunt at people. Zack doesn’t get in trouble for this completely racist presentation, and the only punishment is he’ll have to skip the big track meet if he doesn’t take the project seriously.”

Gosselaar added: “On the plus side, Zack takes his ancestry seriously and gives another ‘presentation’. Of course, he gets into full Native American costume with face paint and a headdress.”


“That’s another ‘I’m Sorry’ moment… Actually there’s a picture of me online I found as well. So, uh, yeah… good stuff. I hope the kids don’t catch that episode.”