‘Saw’ named world’s ‘most successful’ horror franchise

'Guinness Book Of World Records' recognise blood-stained films

The Saw series of horror films has been names the “most successful” horror film franchise by the Guinness Book Of World Records.

The six Saw films, which follow a brutal serial killer who sets elaborate traps for his victims in a “jigsaw” style, have made a total of £472m at the box office since the first Saw was released in 2004.

A new sequel has been released around Halloween every year since, though producers say that the next film, this year’s Saw VII, will be the final instalment.

Producer Marc Burg told reports BBC News: “We are done; this is it. We don’t want to be that boxer who fought one too many fights.”


He added he was “in shock” at beating other long-running movie franchises, such as Friday the 13th and Halloween, to the world record.

Other popular horror franchises have produced more sequels than Saw, including Nightmare on Elm Street, which spawned nine sequels, or Friday the 13th which has 12 films in the series, but Saw has made the most money.

Saw VII, which will be in 3D, stars Sean Patrick Flanery and contains a record 11 torture traps.

Saw VII is released on October 19.