Scott Pilgrim vs The World trailer revealed

Edgar Wright's latest stars Michael Cera as an ass-kicking guitarist

It’s the trailer that fanboys have been waiting for – and now the movie trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs The World has hit the web.

The new film from Edgar Wright – the director of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead – sees actor Michael Cera forced to battle the “seven evil ex’s” of Mary Elizabeth Winstead in order to become her boyfriend.

The premise is based on the Scott Pilgrim comics, and the result – according to the trailer – is part TV Batman fight scene, part Street Fighter II, and part Rock Band, as all the fights take place with musical instruments on stage.

The trailer opens with the fairly innocuous question of “Have you ever met someone you love so much it hurts?”. Cut to Cera getting the literal answer – and being repeatedly smashed in the face by the evil ex-partners in question.

When asked by Metro recently if Scott Pilgrim was different to what he’d before, Wright replied: “Not really. It’s got an American cast but my sensibility is still there. It’s visually different from Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz but has the same sense of humour.”

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is released in the UK on August 6.