Season 2 of Amazon’s ‘Modern Love’ confirmed

The Dev Patel-starring show launched last week

A second season of new Amazon Prime Video show Modern Love has been confirmed.

The first season of the show, named after a New York Times column of the same name, began last week (October 18).

The announcement coincides with Amazon revealing that they’ve signed an overall deal with the show’s creator, John Carney.


“Being given a green light to proceed with Modern Love is a great opportunity for us to continue to tell stories of love, while opening up the series into new cities and worlds. The possibilities are truly endless,” Carney says of the upcoming second season.

“Subsequent seasons can really branch out and dig deep into what it means to love in this complicated world. It’s incredible news for everyone involved in the series, and we are dizzy with possibilities moving forward.”

Modern Love
Good vibes: Anne Hathaway stars in a romcom series based on The New York Times’ beloved dating column.

Modern Love stars Dev Patel as the CEO of a dating app, and is joined by the likes of Anne Hathaway and Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother).

In a review of the first season of Modern Love, NME‘s Alex Flood called it “the most wholesome new show on TV.”


“Modern Love is an uplifting experience with more than enough ‘aww’ moments to keep you ploughing on through all eight episodes (hankie in hand),” the review continues.

“Obviously, it depends entirely on your predilection for a happy ending – and one suspects those who cringe at schmaltz will probably hate it. But if your heart still pumps and hasn’t turned to stone completely, Modern Love will give you hope in humanity again. Well, at least until the next depressing viral video invades your newsfeed.”

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