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There is nothing – nothing at all – like finding someone who is obsessed with exactly the same music as you. That feeling of shared joy in going completely bonkers for the same songs can form lifelong bonds.

The infectious new movie Beats takes a hilarious, heartwarming look at how music brings two teenage boys together. Their lives are on very different paths, but until the music stops they’re going to be inseparable.


Set right in the thick of the 90s rave scene, Beats follows Scottish kids Johnno (Christian Ortega) and Spanner (Lorn Macdonald). Johnno has a bright future and is about to move to a safer part of town with his conservative parents. Spanner is living with his violent, criminal brother and his future looks less promising.

The pair know their time as best friends may be coming to an end, but they’re not going to let it go uncelebrated. The boys are bonded by a love of rave music and plan to have the biggest night of their lives at an upcoming illegal party. Nothing in their night goes according to plan, but their love for music and for each other means absolutely nothing is going to stop them.

A huge hit at film festivals around the world, Beats has been compared to classics like Trainspotting and This Is England, and is a must for anyone who has ever known the feeling of wanting to party so hard that the harsh outside world disappears.

You can see Beats early and for free at special preview screenings taking place on 13th May, ahead of the official release on 17th May.

To secure your tickets, head to ShowFilmFirst. Be quick because these will go fast. Don’t miss your chance to catch one of the best films of the year.


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