See video of Martin Shkreli reportedly having dog faeces thrown at his face

A video has emerged of Martin Shkreli reportedly being pelted with dog faeces in the face. Check it out below.

The controversial businessman gained notoriety and the reputation as ‘the most hated man on the internet’, after his company obtained the manufacturing license for AIDS drug Daraprim, before raising its price by 5,455% – from $13.50 to $750 per tablet. Since then, he’s caused further anger after a long string of stunts – including buying the only copy of the Wu-Tang Clan album ‘Once Upon A Time’ in Shaolin for millions. Ghostface Killah was among those to lead the protest against him.

Now, footage has appeared of Shkreli attending an event on the UC Davis campus hosted by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos – when protestors appeared. It was then that someone called him a ‘piece of shit’ and reportedly threw dog faeces at his face. Shkreli can be seen wiping the apparent excrement from his face before making his exit.

Last September, Shkreli claimed he was auctioning off the chance for one person to punch him in the face. Some of Shkreli’s other publicity stunts have included offering Kanye West $15m to become the only person to own his album ‘The Life Of Pablo’. He also donated $2,700 to former Democrat Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign after Sanders called him “the poster child of greed”.