The Sega Mega Drive is back in production

The 16-bit video game console has been resurrected to meet demand in Brazil

The Sega Mega Drive is going back into production, over two decades after it was discontinued.

The 16-bit console, named the Sega Genesis in North America, is being resurrected due to its popularity in Brazil.

TecToy, who produce all manner of gadgets and toys, have obtained Sega’s blessing to start producing a new model of the console, which launched back in 1989.

The latest version of the Genesis is an exact replica but with two important updates according to The Daily Dot – an SD card slot for playing emulated games and support for A/V cables.

The new console comes with 22 games including classics like Sonic 3, Golden Axe and Shinobi 3.

Preorders are priced at 399 Real, about £104. There’s no news on whether the console might be re-released in other territories at present.

In July, Nintendo announced plans to release a miniature version of its 8-bit NES game console. The new model looks exactly like the 1983 original but is much smaller and supports HDMI cables.

Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition arrives in shops later this week and comes with favourites like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and Castlevania pre-installed.

Watch a 1992 advert for the Sega Genesis below.