‘Serial’ Season 3 is set to be “huge and different”

The podcast's creator Ira Glass says the show's third series will be "very different from the first two seasons"

Serial creator Ira Glass has teased the show’s third season in a new interview.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the radio host behind the hit podcast has revealed that the plot behind the show’s third iteration is “not a case”. Serial seasons one and two both focussed on newsworthy criminal cases.

In season two, we tried to get away from true crime. We felt we already did that,” Glass explains. “Season two was about Bowe Bergdahl, a really different kind of story. We were looking at something that had news-and-issues stakes to it, but with the same narrative drive and characters to it. Season three takes on something huge and different with characters and narrative but very different from the first two seasons.”


Glass also explains that the success of Serial took him by surprise.

“I would like to say that we knew it was going to be popular, but we didn’t,” Glass continues. “We really just saw it as a little side project. We had no idea that 14 million people would download every episode. No podcast had ever done that. No podcast had ever had a parody of it on Saturday Night Live. It wasn’t a mainstream product like that. That was a turning point in 2014 for podcasts.”

Meanwhile, Adnan Syed – the subject of the first series of Serial – has asked to be released from prison as he awaits his retrial.

Syed was imprisoned for the murder of ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999 and has been serving a life sentence ever since. His conviction has proved controversial since forming the basis of the first season of Serial in 2014, which looked at the alleged inconsistencies in his trial.

In October last year, Syed’s lawyer Justin Brown filed a motion arguing that Syed should be released because he poses “no danger to the community” and that he has already served 17 years in prison “based on an unconstitutional conviction for a crime he did not commit”.

“Completely absent from Syed’s record are circumstances that typically cause courts concern regarding pretrial release,” Brown added, continuing to state that “there is no reason to think Adnan would run from the case he has spent half his life trying to disprove”.

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