Broad City’s range of sex toys is up to half price off for Black Friday

Featuring the 'Respect Your Dick' love ring, the 'Vulvarine Rabbit' vibrator, and the 'Man on a Mission' masturbation egg

Sex toys are such a natural element of Broad City’s ridiculous plotlines that it’s only natural for the Comedy Central show to have its own line of dildos, pegging kits, cock rings and lube. For Black Friday, they’ve cut the prices on a large swathe of them – check out the best Broad City sex toy deals below.

1. ‘Respect Your Dick’ love ring – 50% off

Down from £19.99 to £9.99, this versatile little device has 10 different functions. “While it treats your schlong to a sensational squeezing,” the description reads, “it embraces your cojones too. And ‘cos sharing is caring, the bullet attachment zeroes in on her clit so you both have lift off.”

2. Broad City lube – 40% off

Down from £9.99 to £5.99, this is a straightforward water-based lube. Broadly, who reviewed all the toys back in September, praises its duration – “this smooth, water-based lube lasts a very long time” – adding: “All the toys benefit from a healthy squirt of it.”

3. ‘Man on a Mission’ masturbation egg – 40% off

Down from £9.99 to £5.99, this toy for men looks egg-shaped in the packaging – but when you unravel it, it actually looks more like a sock. Its description says: “The stroker turbocharges a hand-job right up to super-bonanza level.” The vibrator is also waterproof, which is pretty neat.

4. ‘Dr Wiz’ rechargeable mini wand vibrator – 30% off

Down from £54.99 to £38.49, this one has a flexible neck – its description says that means “it’s a dream to hold while getting the head exactly where you want it”. It’s been praised by Broadly for being quieter than the others, and more simply for how good it is: “It just feels so, so dope.”

5. ‘Boss Bitch’ silicone G-spot vibrator – 30% off

Down from £44.99 to £31.49, this one uses two powerful motors, according to the description, which reads: “The curved tip goes after your G-spot. The result? Orgasms that make you scream, ‘Yasssssss!'” Broadly‘s review found that the shape of this vibrator was “really good” adding that the dual motor offers “a bit of clitoral stimulation as well.”

6. ‘The Vulvarine Rabbit’ silicone vibrator – 30% off

Down from £49.99 to £34.99, the Vulvarine Rabbit is – like the Boss Bitch vibrator – powered by two motors. The description says: “The bunny ears hit the clit while the curved tip goes after your G-spot.”

See the full list of Broad City sex toy deals here – though sadly, for any Jeremys out there, the pegging kit remains at its full price of £69.99 (nice).

Keep an eye on over Black Friday weekend – we’ll continue to highlight the best deals right here.