The Sherlocks talk headlining Reading & Leeds Festival in 2022 – and bringing back guitar music.

Homecoming heroes hope to be as important as Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs

The Sherlocks have spoken about their desire to headline Reading & Leeds festival in 2022.

Talking ahead of their appearance on the NME/Radio 1 stage in Bramham Park, the South Yorkshire quartet assuredly told NME that they see themselves as future bill-toppers. “Just give us time,” said frontman Kiaran Crook. “Give us three/five years. Maybe five years. Why not? We’ll be on our second album/third album. Definitely, yeah.”

Having released their debut album, Live For The Moment, last week, Crook said the reaction to the new songs had been “crazy.”


“I think because we’ve been in a band for so long and we’ve been plugging away at the singles, we’ve just become this singles band – like constant singles and then now that the album’s out, it’s exciting and the response that we’ve got for the album tracks has been unreal.”

“It’ll be weird from now on playing and people knowing our songs. It’ll be strange.”

Previously, Crook pledged to NME that he felt their debut would reinvigorate guitar-music and put The Sherlocks at the vanguard of the genre. The sentiment was echoed by bassist Andy Davidson, who indicated there was a need for a band to lead the charge.

“It’s starting to come back, guitar music. At the moment, there’s not really anyone leading it,” he said.

Crook compared The Sherlocks to the era-defining likes of Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs. “Personally, anyway, I haven’t seen many of those bands – big guitar bands. I’m on about new bands that are coming through, so I don’t see why we couldn’t lead the way or certainly help contribute to the guitar scene and bring it back.”

Having played at Leeds festival two  times before and risen through the ranks, it’s something of a homecoming for the Barnsley group – and they’re hoping for their biggest crowd to date.  “We’re a Yorkshire band and this is a Yorkshire crowd so it’s a perfect combination,” said Crook.


The Sherlocks play Reading on Sunday.