Shia LaBeouf in line for Oliver Stone’s ‘Pinkville’

Stone set to revive shelved Vietnam War-based project

Oliver Stone has said that he may resurrect his shelved Vietnam War drama Pinkville with Shia LaBeouf taking the lead.

The Hollywood legend broke the news via the Blu-ray and DVD audio commentary track for his most recent film, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

Pinkville was originally scheduled to start shooting in December 2007, but was shelved indefinitely after the Writers Guild of America strike halted production.

The film tells the story of the My Lai Massacre in 1968, where hundreds of Vietnamese villagers were killed by American soldiers.

LaBeouf, who’s father was a helicopter pilot during the war, is reportedly interested in portraying the part of Hugh Thompson, a pilot who ended the massacre by putting his helicopter between the American soldiers and Vietnamese villagers.

Channing Tatum was originally set to play the part before the project was delayed.