Simon Pegg: ‘My memoir probably has less Pete Doherty stories than Carl Barât’s!’

'Star Trek' actor tells NME about his new book 'Nerd Do Well'

Star Trek and Shaun Of The Dead actor Simon Pegg has joked his book will probably have “less Pete Doherty stories” than Carl Barat‘s, as the pair are both releasing memoirs.

Speaking to NME, Pegg joshed about his release Nerd Do Well going up against the Libertine‘s Threepenny Memoir: The Lives Of A Libertine.

Carl‘s a nice fella, so hopefully he”ll do well. I probably don’t have as many Pete Doherty stories as him. I haven’t heard from Pete in a while. Is he still working or in rehab forever? The Libertines are back? I’m so out of touch,” admitted Pegg. “Nick Frost and I actually did a great reproduction of the ‘The Libertines’ album cover in 2007 for NME. I have it hanging on my wall, mainly because it’s the thinnest I’ve ever been.”

Speaking about his book, Pegg described Nerd Do Well as “kind of like a memoir”.


“I still sort of slightly baulk at the idea of writing a memoir,” he explained. “I came up with this idea to do a production journal of the films. My editor said, ‘Why don’t you write a memoir?’ So I sort of parlayed that into doing something about the movies, but then as I started writing it, I thought it was more interesting to do it about my childhood. There were quite a few interesting things that came up and how my childhood related to adulthood stuff that I eventually started doing for a job.

“Things like the fact that I was a big Star Trek fan as a kid and ended up working on the Starship Enterprise, you know? It’s kind of an interesting retrospective of how a nerd became a nerd’s nerd!”

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