Simon West talking to Nicolas Cage about ‘Con Air’ sequel

Filmmaker says he's going to 'put a bug in Cage's ear'

Con Air director Simon West has hinted that he would like to make a sequel to the 1997 action movie.

He told that he’s putting feelers out about making the new film – starting with a chat with Nicolas Cage, who starred in the original.

“It’s a matter of getting everybody together,” he said. “There’s so many people involved and it’s about getting everybody to agree. But I’m going to bring it up to Nic. I’m going to put a bug in his ear about it. If the two of us want to do it, we’ll go after the others.”

Those ‘others’ are to the original cast members, including John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi, Colm Meaney, John Cusack, Ving Rhames, Dave Chappelle and MC Gainey.


The original starred Cage as Cameron Poe, a former US Ranger sent to jail after killing in self defence. Poe then finds himself part of a prison aeroplane escape, led by Malkovich‘s character, Cyrus ‘The Virus’ Grissom.

West is currently promoting new Jason Statham film The Mechanic, before reuniting with Cage on his next project, Medallion.