Singer who wore Trump dress to Grammys sees US chart boost

Joy Villa drew attention for her Pro-Trump dress at the Grammy Awards, and it's sent her debut album up in the charts

The singer Joy Villa, who wore a pro-Trump dress emblazoned with ‘Make America Great Again’ to the Grammys might score a top ten debut.

Her first album, I Make The Static, was released in 2014, but has sold an extra 15,000 copies in two days since the Grammys. Stereogum reports that, if it continues selling at that speed, it could shift 35,000 copies in a week and give Villa her first top ten entry on the Billboard chart.

Villa is a self-confessed Trump supporter, Tweeting after the ceremony that she voted for Trump after she “researched” during the election.

In an interview with right-wing website Breitbart News, she explained that she wore the dress to fight Hollywood’s “suppressive atmosphere”.

“I was tired of being pushed down so that I couldn’t say my beliefs,” she explained. “And being fearful of losing sales. Losing fans. Losing bookings. Losing contracts and sponsorship. And a lot of my friends have the same thing. And we live in Hollywood, which is supposed to be the most open viewpoint city. But the truth is there was a lot of hate and a lot of negativity and I wanted to change the storyline to love and support and unity as an American.”

A petition has been created to get Villa to sing at the White House, but at the time of writing it had only received one signature.

This isn’t the first time Villa has used her outfit to garner attention at the Grammys. At the 2015 ceremony, she wore a dress made entirely from orange construction fencing. It was designed by Filipino-born fashion designer Andre Soriano, who also designed her Trump gown.