Sky Ferreira and Hudson Mohawke make cameos in ‘Twin Peaks’

The two musicians joined Au Revoir Simone in making an appearance in the latest episode of the cult show's third season

Sky Ferreira and Hudson Mohawke were among the musicians to make cameos in the latest episode of Twin Peaks last night (July 9).

The David Lynch co-created show is currently in the middle of its long-awaited third season, which kicked off on May 21. The latest season is expected to conclude with a two-part episode on September 3.

During last night’s ninth episode, both Ferreira and Mohawke were among a trio of musicians – completed by three-piece Au Revoir Simone – who made brief appearances in Twin Peaks. Mohawke was seen playing a new song (‘Human’) at the Bang Bang Bar, while Ferreira was spotting sipping a beer in a booth.


Au Revoir Simone, meanwhile, played out the episode with a rendition of ‘A Violent Yet Flammable World’. Watch the three-piece perform the track below.

Last month, Nine Inch Nails made a similar cameo in the new season of Twin Peaks – with the Trent Reznor-fronted band spotted performing in the background of a dimly lit bar.

The TV appearance saw the band deliver a rendition of ‘She’s Gone Away’ from their EP ‘Not the Actual Events’, which features Reznor’s wife Mariqueen Maandig on backing vocals.