Sleaford Mods call Fat White Family ‘a Moby covers band’ as IDLES beef continues

Here we go again...

Sleaford Mods have labelled Fat White Family “a Moby covers band” in response to the group weighing in on their feud with IDLES.

Last week saw Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson accuse IDLES of “appropriating a working class voice” during a Guardian Q&A. He said that the Bristol punk outfit’s take on politics is “cliched, patronising, insulting and mediocre”, adding that he doesn’t “like them at all”.

On Monday (February 18), the Fat Whites got involved, announcing that they are “100% with Jason Williamson on that band Idles” in a post promoting their upcoming tour.


However, they then took aim at Sleaford Mods, stating that the group “keep banging on about shit wages and kebabs”, adding: “There’s only two of them and they have NO BACKLINE!$$$$$$$$$$$$$££!!!!”

Sleaford Mods have now responded, saying that the beef has “all gone a bit WWF”. Posting on Twitter, the band explained: “I answered a question from someone at a QnA last week. That was it. So what.”

Criticising Fat White Family for using the feud to gain exposure for their tour, they added: “I also didn’t realise it would be fair game for some D lister Moby Covers band looking to shift gig tickets. I mean that’s just fuckin finished me.”

Sleaford Mods have attacked IDLES on Twitter on a number of occasions, despite Williamson admitting that he was a fan of the quintet’s debut LP, ‘Brutalism’.

Meanwhile, in an interview with NME last month, IDLES frontman Joe Talbot said that the band were “a message to the boring”, and that punk music is in rude health in 2019.


Fat White Family’s new album ‘Serfs Up!’, is due for release on April 19, with Sleaford Mods’ record ‘Eton Alive’ arriving this Friday (February 22).




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