Slipknot share video tour of ‘The Slaughterhouse’, their new Iowa haunted house attraction

It's called 'The Slaughterhouse', of course

Slipknot are teaming up with an Iowa-based company for ‘The Slaughterhouse’, a haunted house experience based on the band.

Opening for the run-up to Halloween, creative director Ian Miller has shared a video tour of the attraction, which features a screaming corpse cut in two, creepy medical jars and ‘missing’ posters for the band’s members.

“It’s a whole other world, it’s a walk-through cinematic experience, and at the slaughterhouse the people are the pigs” says Miller in the video.

“We are processing you,” he continues. “We set you up, we de-hair you, we incinerate you, then we run you through.”

Explaining how the nu-metal titans inspired the attraction, Miller says: “Work wasn’t easy but it was easy to get to the work. It mapped really quickly, we barely had to think about it. A lot of our scenes, they already cater to the lyrics and the presence and the energy that Slipknot embody. “

Slipknot formed in Des Moines, Iowa, where the house is located. They named their acclaimed second album after the state in 2001, and the words ‘Welcome To Iowa’ can be spotted daubed in blood in the haunted house.

Shawn Crahan, better known as Slipknot’s Clown, will be taking superfans on a tour of “some very meaningful Slipknot locations” in the town from October 18-21, and tweeted a link to VIP packages.

“It’s all about a special experience, making it one-on-one, almost,” he said “It really is going to be a moment in our history, in their history. And our history in Des Moines.”

Meanwhile, Slipknot are gearing up for the release of a long-awaited new album. Corey Taylor says it will arrive in summer 2019 and that the songs are “really, really good”.

The band recently put out a mysterious casting call for a new music video, leading to speculation that the band are planning to tour or re-release their debut album to celebrate its upcoming anniversary.

In September they revealed details of a 10th anniversary re-release of their No.1 2008 album ‘All Hope Is Gone’.