Snowbombing day 4: Pendulum, AJ Tracey, and Big Narstie

Pendulum, AJ Tracey, and Big Narstie smash day four at Snowbombing

Pendulum takeover the Forest Stage

Pendulum smashed their set at the idyllic Forest Stage, with a rip-roaring show that drew in one of the biggest crowds of the week so far. The drum and bass band played to a rowdy but receptive crowd – a mixture of older, diehard fans and iPhone-hogging millenials – pumping out their tunes with vigour and enthusiasm. The Australian quintet are always a delight to watch at festivals, managing to rile up the tamest of crowds – converting bankers, data analysts and marketing enthusiasts from beige entities into hot, sweaty messes – and last night was no different. There were epilepsy-inducing lighting, bassline-engineered heart palpitations, and a man climbing a tree to the encouragement of unruly onlookers.  Loud, messy and raucous.

Pendulum at Snowbombing

AJ Tracey delivers high-energy set

The rapper and grime MC took to the Forest Stage for an energetic forty-five minute show, performed with zeal and passion. The west London artist was emphatic in his delivery, giving a high-quality show and roaming the stage from side-to-side as he aggravated the crowd, which bopped and swayed readily. The audience, sadly, was a bit thin and the low numbers didn’t do justice to Tracey’s performance, which was pretty much seamless. (Perhaps punters got lost on the journey to the Forest Stage or, more likely, were deep in pre-drinking preparations for Pendulum later.) Tracey is a real talent and, at 24-years old, is surely set for bigger and better things to come. His set last night was a masterclass in rapping, conveyed meticulously with his lips articulating every lyric at great speed and with fervour.


AJ Tracey at Snowbombing 2018

Big Narstie orchestrates a rave in a cable car

The national treasure – on his first trip to both Austria and Snowbombing – got stuck-in from the off, as he played an impromptu set in a cable car up through the Ahorn mountains. The unplanned gig was an example of raving with limitations – attendees were warned not to jump or sway the cable car at the beginning of the journey – but still a reasonably messy affair with the grime artist smoking a funny-smelling cigarette (and the first time ever that a rave has been orchestrated in a cable car at Snowbombing, apparently). Later on, the rapper and MC played a sweaty show in the seedy underworld of Snowbombing’s Arena nightclub, executing his electric set smoothly and expertly. With an album set to be released in August and a TV show soon to be released, Big Narstie has a huge year ahead of him and is set to gain an ever bigger fanbase through both his music, which is of deserved merit, and viral video content.

Big Narstie’s set at Snowbombing

Eats Everything addresses the gender imbalance in DJ-ing

Speaking to NME from a rooftop in Mayhorfen, Eats Everything – the Bristolian DJ and record producer – spoke to NME about his new track “Burn”; how Glastonbury is his favourite place;  why he never prepares for shows; and addressing the lack of women on the EDM scene. The DJ is a regular at Snowbombing and, having already played at a sold-out rave in an igloo the previous night, looked ready to go for his two sets in the early hours of Friday morning. Watch the video here.



Eats Everything DJ-ing at Snowbombing with Skream