‘Solo’ becomes first Star Wars film to officially flop

(Sad Chewbacca noise)

‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ has become the first Star Wars film to ever make a loss within its second week in theatres, box office data reveals.

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The Han Solo origin story missed its projected North American opening targets by about $30million and things haven’t improved. This past weekend, ‘Solo’ pulled in $29.3 million which represents a huge 65% drop from its opening weekend.


Buzzfeed’s Adam B. Vary has posted a comprehensive breakdown of ‘Solo’s numbers relative to the last three Star Wars movies. He writes: “Internationally, the film has made only $115.3M to date. With a reported budget of over $250M, it is officially the first Star Wars movie to flop.”

Check out the breakdown below.

Vary follows this up with some explanation for why the film has pulled in such poor figures: “Firing SOLO’s original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller and reshooting much of it is what ballooned the film’s budget so insanely high. At this point, Disney and Lucasfilm must be wondering if L&M’s version would have ended up making the same amount of money, or more.”

Following a disappointing opening weekend, Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis has questioned whether releasing ‘Solo’ while ‘Deadpool 2’ and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ are in theatres was a wise move, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


“There’s a question of frequency, and how many times people will go to the movies. Is this too much and too soon for a third time in a five-week period”.

Regardless of the numbers, ‘Solo’s success was predicated on the original Han Solo liking the film – which apparently he does. Harrison Ford has given his verdict on Solo: A Star Wars Story, with the film’s director Ron Howard claiming that the actor was “raving about it” after seeing the finished version.