Someone’s created a brilliant shredded Christmas tree, inspired by Banksy


An art centre has paid their own seasonal homage to Banksy by creating a “shredded” Christmas tree.

The shredded tree is on display at Parkersburg Art Centre in West Virginia, and comes after Banksy destroyed his own Girl With Balloon after it sold for millions at Sotheby’s Auction House in September.

It was created by art-loving volunteers Kelley Cartwright and Kasey Snyder and features in the centre’s annual Artist Tree Display.


Speaking to the Press Association, the pair explained: “There are a variety of artist-inspired trees on display including Yayoi Kusama, Peter Max, Leon Zernitsky, Helen Frankenthaler and Banksy.”

Their creation has also won huge plaudits on Reddit, where users have praised the attention to detail – including the red bauble that takes the place of Banksy’s red balloon.

This tree that the art center in my home town put up. from r/pics

One user wrote: “This took me a few minutes to actually figure out what the hell was going on. I thought it was a piece about how we have constructed Christmas into a picturesque ideal when in fact it’s origins are more grounded.

“And then I realized it was a take-off of the that fucking Banksy art and I snorted.”

Meanwhile, Banksy was recently forced to deny suspicions that the shredding of Girl With A Balloon was an inside job. The partially shredded print is now on display at Sotheby’s and allegations that the auction house was aware of the prank quickly surfaced online. A spokesperson on behalf of Banksy denied any collusion, saying: “I can categorically tell you there was no collusion between the artist and the auction house in any shape or form”.


“The painting had 27 confirmed bidders on the night,” they said. “A reputable auction house would never encourage their valued clients to bid on something they knew would be destroyed, their credibility would never recover.

“Banksy was as surprised as anyone when the painting made it past their security systems.”


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