Sony ‘accidentally’ posts whole movie on YouTube instead of trailer

Thousands of people reportedly watched the film before it was taken down

Sony “accidentally” posted a whole movie to YouTube instead of its trailer.

Khali The Killer, the film in question, follows a hitman from East Los Angeles who takes one final job to get money to support his dying grandma. It stars Richard Cabral (Lethal Weapon), Ryan Dorsey (Pitch), Corina Calderon (Suicide Squad), and more, and isn’t due for release in the US until August 31.

Thousands of people reportedly watched the movie, which had been labelled as a trailer by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The 90-minute video wasn’t removed from YouTube until over six hours later.


Khali The Killer has already been released in some parts of Europe, including Germany and the Netherlands, but has not gained much attention. Fans on Reddit have suggested the upload was less accidental and more of a publicity stunt. “It’s almost like this is a viral marketing gimmick for a film they didn’t expect to generate a lot of buzz on its own or something,” one user wrote.

Another added: “There is no way that, after four hours, they have not recognised their mistake and taken it down again. This seems like an intentional marketing stunt.”

Jon Matthews, the film’s director, commented on the upload on Twitter, writing: “So… I wrote, directed, edited and produced Khali. Guess I should have been in charge of the upload too.”

In 2014, Sony was hacked by a group identifying itself as Guardians Of Peace. Confidential data was leaked from the studio, as well as five films including Still Alice and Jay-Z’s Annie. A script for Bond film Sceptre was also stolen in the attack.