Sony releases surprise ‘Lemmings’ game

Now this was unexpected...

Sony has rebooted a Playstation game as a free-to-play mobile video game for the first time.

The surprise release of Lemmings – available now via App Store and Google Play – comes four years after the last incarnation of the puzzle-platformer was released on PlayStation Vita (Lemmings Touch).

Traditionally, Sony has developed the franchise games for Playstation consoles. The new mobile game operates like much of the franchise games, which require players to guide a group of Lemmings through different challenges. This time, the gameplay is presented in portrait (vertical) mode.

Developer Sad Puppy wrote via the Sony blog: “We took the Lemmings experience that people know and love and re-engineered it to make the most of smartphones and tablets. We’ve designed levels that are played in portrait orientation, as this is the most comfortable position to hold a device with one hand.”

They continued: “We worked tirelessly on touch controls, removing secondary elements like camera control and making it as simple for players to assess the level, plan a strategy and execute it. It’s the Lemmings game you know and love, redesigned for the best experience on your device. Under your direction, they’ll dig, climb, build, block and fall through levels, with an ease of control that is both fun and challenging.”