Two men arrested after stabbing at Sony Music’s London HQ

Two people have received stab injuries and one person has been arrested

Two men have been arrested after a stabbing incident at Sony Music’s HQ in West London.

The Metropolitan Police says two men are being treated for non-life threatening injuries after being found with stab wounds at the scene in Derry Street, Kensington. Both men were arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and later taken to hospital.

A spokesperson for Sony Music has said that the two men worked for the company’s catering team and were involved in a “violent altercation”.

A statement from the Metropolitan Police confirmed: “Police were called at approximately 11:00hrs on Friday, 2 November to reports of an incident on Derry Street, W8.

“Officers, including firearms officers, and the London Ambulance Service attended. Evacuations took place as precaution.

“Two men [no further details] were found suffering from stab injuries. They were both arrested at the scene on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm.

“The men have been taken to hospital where they remain. Their injuries have been deemed non-life threatening. There is no evidence that any firearms were involved in the incident. It is not being treated as terror-related.”

At this stage officers are not seeking anyone else in connection with the incident.

Trish Ellis, who works in Northcliffe House opposite Sony, previously told ITV News: “It started opposite our building in Derry St, usual sirens and racket but then we heard shouting, and more and more sirens. A few people came out, then armed police were going in six-plus at a time, and more and more of them, but they seemed to be keeping people in the building.

“Gradually they started to release people in tens, twenties, [and] a stretcher turned up with all the medical kit on it, but just stayed outside.

“A [helicopter] appeared, still loads of armed police running up and down, and then thankfully over the time it ended up much quieter with 10 armed police standing outside, at ease.

“[An] empty stretcher went away and, thank God in heaven, all seems calm again”.

Simon Neville,  a journalist who was outside Sony’s offices at the time of the incident, told the Press Association: “Everybody starting pouring out and running towards the square around the back.

“Then I saw a young, white man with a red jacket being tackled by the security guards by the loading bay on Derry Street. He was shouting at them to get off. Once he was tackled, they started bringing the shutters down. He has now been led away by the police.”