Soundgarden’s opening band speak about Chris Cornell’s last days

Ben Weinman of The Dillenger Escape Plan spoke candidly about how much Cornell's music meant to him.

The founding member of The Dillinger Escape Plan, who were meant to be opening for Soundgarden in a series of upcoming dates, has spoken about the tragic passing of Chris Cornell.

It was revealed this morning by a representative that Soundgarden and Audioslave singer Chris Cornell had died last night at the age of 52. It was a “sudden and unexpected” death which is reportedly being investigated as a suicide.

Speaking to Clrvynt, Dillinger leader and guitarist Ben Weinman has spoken about how he received the news of Cornell’s passing, how it will affect the future of his band and Cornell’s lasting legacy.


Ben began, “I’m getting a bunch of texts saying, ‘Are you OK?’ and I’m like, ‘Me? Fuck me. [Chris’] got three young kids and a wife out there.’ Not to mention a whole band of guys that are enjoying a comeback and writing new music and selling out tons of shows.”

Speaking on how Cornell was acting in his last days, Weinman revealed: “Even though Dillinger Escape Plan did a bunch of dates with Soundgarden, he didn’t really talk to anyone. The rest of the guys would hang out before the show and all of that, but he would fly into the show and go back to the hotel. On the last tour that we were on together, he was sort of very quiet.”

“[Chris] was a very private guy.” Ben continued, “Seemed to be very into his family, which is [what’s] so shocking about all of this. And the other band guys were the ones kind of hanging out backstage”.

“I can’t imagine what’s going through their heads right now. In the middle of a successful tour trying to write new music, you see Matt Cameron in two of the best bands in the world playing those songs like it was 30 years ago, just enjoying it so much.”.


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Since news of his death broke earlier today, stars from the music world including Jimmy Page, Nile Rodgers and Billy Idol have paid tribute.

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