South Park has been renewed for three more seasons

Member South Park? It's not going away any time soon

Comedy Central have renewed South Park for another three seasons, with the series now guaranteed to continue into 2022.

The announcement means that the show will run to an impressive 26th season at least. The show is already the longest-running animated series behind The Simpsons, as well as the longest-running prime-time scripted series. The show has received 18 Emmy nominations, including four wins, since its inception in 1997, and most recently took home the prize for Outstanding Animated Program in 2013.


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone talked about the latest renewal and their desire to continue creating new South Park episodes.

“I don’t think we have ever had an ‘OK, let’s sit down and decide if we are going to keep going,'” Parker said. Trey Stone had a more existential take on the show’s future: “I am 48. Trey turns 50 this year. So I will say that I don’t think we will be doing this show when we’re 60.”

The renewal comes just a few months after the 20th anniversary of the South Park film, ‘Bigger, Longer & Uncut’, and the pair are keen to make another feature-length adventure.

“We think of ourselves as filmmakers, and it’s like, everyone is doing TV now,” said Stone. “It’s like, movies, even though the movie business is all fucked up. And everyone will tell you don’t go into movies. We just want to do a movie.”

The show’s 23rd season debuts later this month on September 25th. The upcoming season will feature the show’s 300th episode.