‘South Park’ to take aim at anti-vaxxer movement in upcoming 300th episode

But Cartman doesn't get the whole idea...

South Park‘s 300th episode is set to air tonight – and they’re taking aim at the anti-vaxxer movement.

The milestone episode will reportedly see Cartman joining the controversial anti-immunisation movement after refusing to get his jabs. However, it’s no surprise to learn that he doesn’t quite get the full idea.

He quips: “It’s my personal belief that governments should not coerce citizens into receiving medical interventions and besides I don’t risk to risk immunisations risking making me artistic”.


Comedy Central will mark the occasion by hosting an all-day marathon starting at 9am on October 9 in the US.

'South Park'
‘South Park’

Unafraid to shy away from controversy as ever, it comes days after a new episode called ‘Band In China’ led the show to be, well, banned in China.

The episode pokes fun at Chinese censorship, and in turn led the government to wipe the show, and almost every episode – and even mention – of South Park has  from the internet in the country.

In the wake of the apology, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone jokingly pledged their allegiance to China’s Communist government.


“We welcome the Chinese censors into our homes and hearts,” the apology from the pair said. “Long live the Communist Party!”

Last month, South Park was officially renewed for three more seasons, and it’s already the longest-running animated series behind The Simpsons, as well as the longest-running prime-time scripted series.

Back in August, the first teaser clip for the new season of South Park was revealed, it saw the show tackle Donald Trump’s controversial family separation policy.