Spotify sued for gender discrimination and defamation

Spotify has denied the claims.

Spotify has reportedly been sued for gender discrimination, equal pay violation and defamation.

According to Variety, the lawsuit was filed by former sales executive Hong Perez in New York’s Supreme Court.

In the complaint, Perez allegedly accuses the company of widespread discrimination against female employees. She claims that former boss Brian Berner took men-only groups to the Sundance Film Festival, which were described as “boys trips”.

As Pitchfork reports, Perez also claims that the group avoided internal disciplinary action after openly discussing drug use and physical altercations on the trip.

In a separate incident, Perez claims that she was falsely blamed after Berner faced trouble for accepting free tickets to Madison Square Garden and a discount deal. The complaint also alleges that one Spotify excretive was promoted despite facing sexual harassment warnings.

Other allegations include the claim that she heard the company’s CFO saying that “he does not care about diversity at the company,” an a HR executive told staff that his favourite swear word was “c**t.”

Responding in a statement, Spotify said: “At Spotify, we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind at any level,.

“While we cannot comment on the specific details of a pending litigation, these claims are without merit.”