Someone made a giant gingerbread Death Star for Christmas

That's no moon...

As Star Wars fever continues to grip the world and dominate the box office, someone has now added the spirit of Christmas to proceedings – in making a giant Death Star out of gingerbread.

“That’s no moon,” as Han Solo would say. Indeed, it’s an absolutely massive gingerbread replica of the iconic flagship of The Empire. They also claim it’s ‘fully operational’, whatever that means. Check it out below.

A fully operational gingerbread DeathStar


If you want to know more about the real Death Star, someone recently figured out the full running costs of the ship.

Ovo Energy created the below infographic for Mental Floss – breaking down the daily energy use and expense of running Darth Vader’s massive space craft of The Empire, breaking it down into costs of jumping into hyperspace, shooting and recharging the laser, keeping the lights on, feeding the crew, doing the laundry, recycling and more.

In total, it would cost a massive £6.2 Octillion per day to run the Death Star – that’s 30 trillion times more than all of money on Earth. Maybe they have that much cash in a Galaxy far, far away.

Death Star running costs
OVO Energy

Meanwhile, the new Star Wars’ Rogue One mean tells the tale of the Rebels’ attempts to destroy the Death Star – read the full NME review here.


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