‘Star Wars’ director Colin Trevorrow reacts after latest film ‘The Book of Henry’ receives critical mauling

"It came to us as a bit of a shock".

Star Wars: Episode 9 director Colin Trevorrow has responded after his latest film, The Book of Henry, received a critical mauling.

The indie drama, which stars Naomi Watts and Jacob Tremblay, was described as ‘catastrophically awful‘ – with some Star Wars fans even calling for him to be removed from the director’s chair ahead of filming on Episode 9.

One wrote: “How many negative reviews of The Book of Henry need to be released before someone starts a petition to remove Trevorrow from Star Wars IX?”

Now, Trevorrow has responded to the criticism – and described the reaction as “a little heartbreaking”.

He told Empire Magazine: “It came to us as a bit of a shock. We did not anticipate that level of vitriolic dislike for the film. In the end, do I want to be someone who pleases both audiences and critics? Absolutely. Is that hugely disappointing? It is.”

Defending the film, the Jurassic World helmer added: “I do stand by the movie. I know it’s something I’m very proud of, and everyone who made it is very proud.”

Star Wars: Episode 9 is set to hit cinemas in May 2019, and will be preceded by Episode 8 – scheduled for release in December this year.

Meanwhile, the question of Rey’s parentage is set to be answered in Episode 8 – but it may have already been revealed after leaked screenshots from Star Wars: Battlefront 2 seemingly confirmed her links to an iconic character.