Greedo actor says George Lucas changing ‘Han shot first’ scene again “confused me incredibly”


Star Wars fans have been reacting after a notorious scene from A New Hope was changed again upon the launch of Disney+.

The streaming service launched yesterday (November 12) and fans have pointed out that one particular scene, which has changed multiple times since the 1977 original and become legendary as a result, has shifted once again.

The scene in question has prompted plenty of debate over whether Han or Greedo shoot first in their battle during A New Hope.


The 1977 original saw Han shoot Greedo before the latter could reach the trigger, but this was altered in a new edition of the film released in the late 1990s, with Greedo shooting first in the new version.

Han Solo Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford as the original Han Solo

Now, a tweaked version of the scene has made it into the Disney+ version of A New Hope, which sees neither of the pair shooting first – they fire at about the same time. Watch the scene below.

There is another line added into the film too. According to Vanity Fair, a new line by Greedo, that he says before his death, was added in by Lucas before Disney acquired LucasFilm. The line simply sees him say “Maclunkey”.

Greedo actor Paul Blake has now reacted to the new development, saying it “confused [him] incredibly”.


Talking to Empire, Blake said: “I couldn’t understand a word of it. It confused me incredibly, but I’ve never understood anything about the movies anyway, particularly that. The convention I’ve just come back from, I had a million opinions from everybody. This new word!”

Expanding on the origins of “Maclunkey”, Blake continued: “Yeah, well he’s talking about his Scottish grandmother there. Greedo had a Scottish grandmother and an Irish grandfather, and a Rodian step-mother. That’s why he shouted ‘Maclunkey’ just before he died. He’s about to meet his grandfather. How absolutely absurd, what is George [Lucas] doing these days?”

Others have shown a mix of delight and anger at the new change.

The launch of Disney+ also saw the debut of new Star Wars spin-off TV series The Mandalorian.

Star Wars episode 9 – The Rise Of Skywalker – comes to cinemas December 20.