‘Star Wars’ films to be released in 3D

First conversion of the classics is due in 2012

Director George Lucas has announced he will release 3D versions of the Star Wars films.

According to the Hollywoodreporter.com, the conversions will begin in 2012 with the 3D release of The Phantom Menace, the first part in the saga.

If successful, the remaining five films will follow at the rate of one per year.

It is planned to leave a year between films to ensure that the conversions look as state-of-the-art as possible, corresponding to emerging technology over the period.

A 3D conversion of the Star Wars films has been rumoured for some time, but it is believed the surge of interest in the format following the release of Avatar has pushed Lucas‘ timetable forward.

Each film will have a cinematic release.

In other Star Wars news, Lucas is planning the Blu-ray release of the six films next year, including with never-before-seen deleted scenes and new ‘making of’ documentaries.