Star Wars has responded to fan criticism over new hero Rose Tico

Warning: mild spoilers.

Star Wars has responded directly to its critics, after fans began a backlash against new character Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran).

Rose makes her debut in The Last Jedi, and soon becomes a vital part of the Rebel Alliance after being tasked with a mission that sees her travelling to casino city Canto Bight with Finn (John Boyega).

But despite the important role, fans weren’t so forthcoming after the official Star Wars Facebook shared an endearing video of Tran’s first audition.


“Next to Jar-Jar, Rose is the most useless character ever…All she did was save the horse-rabbit things”, one fan dared to suggest.

However, Star Wars weren’t taking the criticism lying down – and soon hit back in brilliant fashion.

“Prevented four Resistance deserters from stealing escape pods. Assisted in the formation of a plan that would’ve allowed the Resistance to escape the First Order pursuit”, they responded to critics.

“Persuaded a fathier stableboy to enable her and Finn’s escape from Canto Bight. Conducted an essential survey of available supplies available to the Resistance on Crait.

“Saved Finn from an inconsequential course of action that would’ve ended his life. For a character who did absolutely nothing, that’s impressive… most impressive.”

The negative backlash to Tran’s character is far from the only criticism that the film has faced from fans – with a recent petition calling for it to be wiped entirely from the Star Wars canon.


The petition was started by angered fan Henry Walsh, who later admitted that he created the petition while he was on strong painkillers after a vehicle accident and regretted his ire.