Stephen Dorff writing new Jack Nicholson comedy

Film will be produced by Adam Sandler's production company

Stephen Dorff is writing what he describes as “a very funny comedy” in which he will star with longtime friend Jack Nicholson.

Dorff – who will next be seen in Sofia Coppola‘s Somewhere – has remained close with Nicholson, with whom he co-starred in Blood And Wine in 1996.

He told The Independent that he planned to make the film with Adam Sandler‘s Happy Madison production company.

Dorff said: “I have a comedy idea that I came up with that I’m doing with Adam Sandler‘s company that I want to do with Jack Nicholson, who’s still a friend of mine. It’s a very funny comedy idea for me and him set in the south of France.”

He added: “We’re not in script form yet but I wrote the treatment and they’ve already bought it so as soon as I get a break from working I’ll turn that into a script.”

Dorff also spoke of his desire to write and produce more films, as well as act in them.

“I like to make movies about characters,” he said. “I like smaller films, that’s what I love to do. I love acting, number one, but I think now I’ll get more into producing and make some more films.”