Stephen King’s ‘IT’ remake considering casting Tilda Swinton as Pennywise

The role eventually went to Bill Skarsgard...

Tilda Swinton was a serious contender to play the role of villainous clown Pennywise in the remake of Stephen King’s IT, the film’s producer has claimed.

The film, which stars Bill Skarsgard, as the sewer-dwelling demon, is scheduled to hit cinemas in September – with early trailers suggesting that it’s going to be suitably terrifying.

But producer Barbara Muschietti has now claimed that the role almost went to Swinton before it was determined that she wouldn’t be available during filming.

The moment came when Muschietti revealed how she had considered ” a huge gamut of talent; women, younger age, older age” for the role of Pennywise.

When one journalist subsequently asked if Tilda Swinton was considered, she replied: “She wasn’t available. No, no I swear to god. She was not. We had a slot to shoot the movie and she wasn’t available so she didn’t even audition. But of course, we all thought about it.”

She also hailed Skarsgard in the role, and claimed that he “blew our socks off”, after initially auditioning for the role.

Earlier this week, a new trailer for ‘IT’ was released – providing one of the clearest glances of the new Pennywise to date.

The new film, which takes visual cues from the original 1990 miniseries of the same name, is set for a worldwide release on September 8. Adapted from King’s 1984 novel, the movie has been directed by Andrés Muschietti from a script co-written by True Detective and Beasts Of No Nation film-maker Cary Fukunaga.