Steve-O celebrates a decade of sobriety in touching social media post

The former Jackass star thanks his co-star Johnny Knoxville

Jackass star Steve-O has celebrated a decade of sobriety with a touching post on Twitter.

The comedian and prankster wrote of how he entered a psychiatric ward on March 9, 2008 thanks to his Jackass co-stars.

“Hard to believe it’s been an entire decade since I’ve had a drink or a drug,” he began. “I just can’t put into words how grateful I am for @realjknoxville and the rest of the guys who locked me up in a psychiatric ward on March 9, 2008, where this journey began. Thank you, dudes, I love you.” See the post below.


Steve-O recently took part in new television series Ultimate Expedition, which saw nine celebrities attempt to climb one of the highest and most dangerous peaks in the Peruvian Andes.

During his trip, Steve-O came across a number of stray dogs and in January, adopted one of the animals.

In a video titled ‘Finding True Love!’, Steve-O describes how he wanted to find a dog to adopt during the trip. He bought dog food from a local store and fed it to various street dogs before he came across Wendy.

He took her to the vet where she was given flea and worming treatments before bringing her along on the mountain climb. He later booked her on a flight home to L.A. You can see the full video below.


Steve-O will be performing a stand-up show in St. Cloud, Minnesota on April 21. You can grab tickets here.