Steven Avery’s lawyer says new document could secure ‘Making A Murderer’ subject’s freedom

"I am trying to get the evidence to what I believe is the truth of what happened"

The lawyer for Making A Murderer‘s Steven Avery says she’s preparing a new document that could eventually secure his freedom.

Avery, who is at the centre of the Netflix show, has continually protested his innocence after he was convicted of murdering photographer Teresa Halbach in 2007.

But a dramatic twist in the tale could be on the way after his lawyer Kathleen Zellner confirmed that she is planning to file an appelate brief this Thursday – a document containing all the legal arguments on why Avery should be freed.

Zellner hopes that the 22,000 page document will provide judges with ample proof to rule in Avery’s favour, which could spark the long process of securing his eventual release.

Kathleen Zellner Making A Murderer
Kathleen Zellner

“You must, if you can, create reasonable doubt by having an alternative theory that matches the evidence,” Zellner told OK!  about the document.

“That’s when you’re most likely to win a murder case.”

Zellner says that the new evidence will be reviewed by the higher court, although a final decision will eventually be made by  the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

She explained: “I am trying to get the evidence to what I believe is the truth of what happened, so that there won’t be another trial.”

“None of my exonerations has anyone been retried. None of them. Just this week, we got a tip that was just jaw-dropping. Like, woah, somebody actually knows this. We’re getting close.”

Although Avery was denied a new trial in September, Zellner also says that the fight to secure his freedom has “only just started.”

“We’ve only been in front of one judge. This is what is important to know. A lot of people were saying, “Well, you were turned down”. But we’ve only been in front of one judge, in the small county at the trial level, so she’s at the lowest level.

“We’ve never been in front of a higher court with all of this information.”

Last month, Zellner also shared an extensive list of purported evidence that she claims is proof of Avery’s innocence.

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